Inês Carneiro e Sousa

Programme:Management - Doctor of Philosophy

Specialization:Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

Title of dissertation:Leveraging an aging workforce – contributions to longer and better working lives

Supervisor:Sara Ramos and Helena Carvalho

Conclusion date:4 june 2020

Testimony:The PhD program in Management at Iscte was a wonderful experience for me. It provided essential knowledge and skills that helped me to grow academically, professionally, and personally. The specialization in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior offered a comprehensive curriculum in the first year, which served as a solid foundation to conduct my research. I also benefited from learning and collaborating with outstanding teachers and researchers who stimulated my intellectual curiosity with unparalleled support. During my PhD, I participated in several national and international scientific events with the support of BRU-Iscte and Iscte. I also had the opportunity to meet and work with excellent colleagues, with whom I built supportive relationships. I would strongly recommend Iscte and the PhD program in Management to anyone interested in acquiring the necessary skills to engage in high-quality research.

Fernando Angelino

Programme:Management - Doctor of Philosophy


Title of dissertation:Exploring university students’ engag