The Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR) research group develops scientific knowledge to address social problems related to well-being and quality of working life, innovation and performance at work, while identifying potential intervention strategies for policy makers and organizational agents. It focuses on different levels of analysis: individual, team and organizational.

  • Well-being, ageing and performance: studies person-organization fit and well-being, focusing on how organizations can be more productive and innovative while promoting employee well-being through different life stages. Attention is being given to organizational identification, support, wellbeing, job satisfaction, work-non work interface, presentism, creativity and performance.
  • Leadership, teamwork and networks: studies group processes and teams over time and contexts, analysing which team compositions variables and processes become critical to team ongoing performance and when. Team work performance, leadership, diversity, cognitions, affective-motivational processes, conflicts, negotiation and decision-making are relevant research topics. The dynamics of processes and states to explain team adaptation and performance trajectories are also studied.