ISCTE-IUL (Business Research Unit), ISEG/ULisboa, CATÓLICA-LISBON, and NOVA SBE organize joint research seminars in Accounting.

The invited guest speakers come from academic institutions around the world and the talks cover a wide variety of topics in accounting, such as financial reporting, management accounting, governance, auditing, and tax. Information on the seminars is sent regularly via email. Seminars are usually take place on Fridays at 14h30, but this may change according to the preferences of our speakers.

For further information and questions feel free to contact our seminar organizers: Isabel Lourenço (Iscte), Sofia M. Lourenço (ISEG/ULisboa), Joana Fontes (Católica-Lisbon) and Maria João Major (Iscte).

The seminars are open to the public. Please see our schedule below.